6 Soaps to warm your nostrils as well as your body

originally published Dec. 1, 2017

Nothing counteracts the cold of winter like a hot shower or bath. Next time add a warm scented soap to make the experience even cosier. These are a few of my favorites.


1. Korres – Vanilla Freesia Lychee shower gel

Korres Vanilla Freesia Lychee shower gel has a rich, warm vanilla scent that I find incredibly comforting. It is like wrapping up in a big cosy blanket in the shower. I first encountered it at the Airbnb I stayed at during my residency in Kyoto and my evening shower soon became a time to look forward to as the hot water and enveloping scent washed away the dirt and stress from the day. I bought the shower gel when I got back to the UK and I still absolutely love it. The rich smell of vanilla combined with a slight woodiness and touch of sweetness adds deliciousness and olfactory warmth to a long, hot shower.

Buy it:

UK: Liberty

US: Sephora


2. Sabon – Amber loofah soap

Sabon’s Amber loofa soap is an exfoliating soap with a warm, resinous scent. The loofah is great for getting rid of dead skin cells while the soap cleans and leaves behind a beautiful, light amber scent.

Buy it:

UK: Sabon

US: Sabon


3. Lush – Fireside soap

Lush’s Fireside soap has a spicy and smoky scent featuring notes of clove and cinnamon with a bit of vanilla to warm and sweeten. A hint of smoke rounds out the olfactory experience and adds to the fireside vibes. A great soap to wash away those winter blues. Unfortunately it is out of stock at Lush stores at the moment but I’m hoping they will bring it back for the winter season.

Buy it:

UK: Lush

US: Lush


4. & Other Stories – Sardonyx Fire hand soap / body wash

& Other Stories’ Sardonyx Fire comes in a hand soap and a body wash. I have the hand soap and I find myself washing my hands just to smell the dark woody scent on that lingers on my fingers afterwards. I have very happy associations with the smell because this soap was the first purchase I made when I moved into a flat in which I had my own en-suite bathroom. It was a small luxury but it felt so indulgent and wonderful. A very seductive scent, it has rich with notes of dark amber and vanilla, which make for a very decadent cleansing experience.

Buy it:

UK: & Other Stories

US: & Other Stories


5. Commodity Fragrances – Tonka Bath Bar

Commodity’s Tonka bath bar is a delicious addition to any shower or bath. A rich and gourmand scent, it really highlights the luscious tonka bean. Slightly woody, slightly sweet and completely warming, this soft and supple, vanillaesque scent is definitely a tasty treat for bathtime.

Buy it:

UK: Commodity

US: Commodity online


6. Kalastyle – Cedar Wood soap

Kalastyle’s Cedar Wood soap has a woody and clean aroma. It is light and warm at the same time, bringing the restorative feeling of nature into the shower. Men and women alike can easily use any of the soaps in this post but this one is probably the most gender-neutral. Just the simplicity of wood and soap.

Buy it:

UK: Kalastyle.com

US: Kalastyle.com



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