Smelly Projects

Smelly Projects is an exploration of people, places, and things

through scent. 

Smelly Places is a line of candles inspired by places I've lived and travelled. The first collection is based on New York  -  NYC Nightlife, Autumn in Upstate New York, Sunday Afternoons in Montauk, and Christmas in

New York.

Hand-poured in limited editions, made from 100% vegetable wax, organic cotton labels.


Lovely lazy mornings sipping tea in a worn leather armchair, watching the rain trickle down the window pane. Toast with a light coating of blackcurrant jam rests atop an end table nearby and moments seem long and plentiful.


Notes: Blackcurrant, Rain, Tea, Leather

Notes of lipstick and velvet flirt shamelessly with cashmeran, amber and tobacco. Seductive, rich, and subtly floral, with just a hint of dirt and lowered inhibitions, this candle captures the glamour of New York City nightlife as well as a bit of the grittiness that lies just beneath the surface.


Pairs well with a dirty martini and Louboutins.

Amp up the party vibes with the 

NYC Nightlife Playlist.

Notes: Violet, Orris, Cashmeran, Amber, Tobacco, Velvet, Dark Woods

Autumn in Upstate New York captures the scent of freshly fallen maple leaves, dry tree bark, and a nip of bourbon at the end of a long bike ride along a picturesque nature trail. Escape into the solitude of the Catskills every time you burn the candle.


Recommended musical accompaniment: Autumn in Upstate New York Playlist


Notes: Leaves, Maple, Guaiac Wood, Coumarin, Bourbon, Earth

Crisp sea breezes and weathered wood – a fresh ozonic scent gives way to warm woody notes as the candle burns.  Keep the memories of summer burning long into the cold nights of winter.


For best results, burn while listening the Sunday Afternoons in Montauk Playlist


Notes: Ozone, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Petitgrain, Iso E Super

Inspired by a day spent ice-skating and catching snowflakes under the iconic Rockefeller Center Chrismas tree. The smell of pine and frankincense conjures memories of Christmases past, while a hint of fresh snow brings anticipation for festivity to come.

Get in the Christmas spirit with the Christmas in New York Playlist

Notes: Pine, Frankincense, Snow